Artisanal Feta Style in Olive Oil with Olives

Style Feta Artisanal olives dans l’huile d’olive

A game changer and one of our most popular new cheezes. It has the typical salty and tangy Feta taste. Marinated in olive oil, herbs, and sun-dried olives, it takes any Greek salad to the next level. It’s also a great addition to pizza, pastas, and roasted vegetables.


raw cashews, lemon juice, irish moss, sea salt, filtered water, olive oil, sundried olives, herbs, vegan bacterial cultures


noix de cajou crues, jus de citron, mousse d’irlande, sel de mer, eau filtrée, huile d’olive, olives sechées au soleil, fines herbes, cultures bacteriénnes végétaliennes