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Need a mid-morning energy boost or 3pm pick me up? Enjoy these rich & delicious little treats for a quick satisfying snack on the go. Loaded with chewy coconut and gogi berries with a touch of maple syrup, they satisfy your craving for something sweet while chia seeds and cacao nibs supply a sustaining portion of protein and energy. Available in 3pk to snack or 6pk to share.

organic ingredients

coconut, cacao powder, cacao paste, maple syrup, coconut nectar, coconut oil, chia seed, cacao nibs, goji berries, vanilla, sea salt

ingrédients biologiques

noix de coco, poudre de cacao, pâte de cacao, sirop d'érable, nectar de coco, huile de coco, graines de chia, fèves de cacao concassées, baies de goji, vanille, sel de mer

package size:

2 piece (40g)
6 piece (120g)

nutrition info for goji berry macaroons