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our story

our roots

The story of basic roots starts like any good story - with desire and passion.

In this case, passion for raw organic ingredients (not your usual passion, we know) but for Paula, the chief cook and bottle washer, this was the first line of every recipe she created. It started long ago with a desire to use only raw organic ingredients and Superfoods to create snacks that were beyond natural and nutritious taking them all the way to delightful and delicious. It’s a story about using local fresh ingredients whenever possible and making recipes in small batches to ensure ultimate freshness. Like most dreams that we work to make reality, it’s a tale of many journeys (some of them dead ends) toward the perfect happy ending you can taste in each product.

Our story continues as we grow and evolve with the encouragement and support of family, friends and customers. With heartfelt gratitude, we thank you.

why raw

We know it makes sense to eat organic, biodynamic and herbicide/pesticide free food. We also know it makes sense to eat fresh food. Raw foods combine the best benefits of these principals. You get all the nutritional value raw, fresh ingredients have to offer un-degraded by the heat of cooking. Our nuts, grains and seeds are soaked and sprouted to remove enzyme inhibitors, allowing easier assimilation and digestion and Superfoods get to retain all their inherent powerful benefits. Everybody loves a good snack. Why not enjoy a snack that loves you back?

team basic roots

Let us tell you a little about the woman who brought it all together. Paula Bellavance has been a raw food creator for many years and always enjoys learning more about the incredibly diverse world of natural ingredients. She is keenly interested in all things related to food synergy. What is food synergy? It’s the understanding of how foods and their various benefits combine together to create even better benefits. When you create foods that work synergistically, you create the magic of ingredients working together to do something better than their individual benefits. Team Basic Roots thrives under the same synergistic principals. All members of Paula’s team bring their own unique skill set and perspective. From the mixing bowl to the paper trail, everyone at Basic Roots contributes their passions and talents to creating something better. Synergy is the ultimate definition of our team.

Thank you for your interest in our products! We hope you enjoy them and welcome any feedback or questions that you may have.