Quality ingredients

Plant Based

Unrivalled taste

How it all started

The story of Basic Roots starts like any good story – with desire and passion. Our founder, Paula Bellavance had a passion to create non-dairy cheese that tastes like conventional cheese. After copious amounts of research and taste testing, she developed a brie and feta style cheese and four amazing cream cheese style spreads.

Our Cheezes

A game changer and one of our most popular new cheezes. It has the typical salty and tangy Feta taste.

Inspired by the light, savoury, flavours of the South of France.

One of our favourites, the dill cheeze smells and tastes just like a dill pickle.

A firm yet creamy brie style cheese with a decadent truffle flavouring.

A sharp, cheesy taste with a mild chili flavour.

A semi-firm cashew cheese spread that has just the right amount of kick.

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